• Benjamin Bolaji

What is a Waterless Car Wash? FAQs

Still have some questions or just curious? Look at some answers below

Q: What is Waterless Car Washing or Detailing?

A: Compared to gallons of water used at the car wash, a waterless wash uses a few cups of water with a solution that does the following: dissolve, loosen, soften, and encapsulate the dirt making it easy and safe to wipe off your vehicle without damage.

Q: Will This Scratch My Paint?

A: No, with the right solution mix that provides lubricity and proper wiping techniques, this method is safe for all paint types.

Q: Why Use This Method?

A: Consider the following:

  • You live in a building with little to no access to water

  • You live in an area with strict water conservation rules

  • You care about water waste and are looking for an eco-friendly way to wash your vehicle

Q: What if the Car is Really Really Dirty?

A: Waterless car washing is best for vehicles driven on road daily. Feel free to contact us to determine the state of your vehicle

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